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Sustainability At


As a festival, we are conscious of our carbon footprint and attempt to limit this in as many ways as possible. Here are some of the ways in which we do this.


Water + Plastic Bottles


We encourage visitors to bring their own water bottle which can be refilled at the free taps in the members club house. We  will be selling can water and other drinks.


Food & drink


We ask all our food vendors to use only eco-friendly plates/cutlery/cups and to recycle and take their rubbish with them.



We re-use infrastructure wherever possible, including décor and signage. Almost all is hired or stored locally wherever possible between uses.

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Our Partnership with Re-Fashion

We are so excited to be partnering with Re-Fashion to help raise money for the Rieve Foundation and to give unwanted clothes a second life!

The clothing industry has one of the highest impacts on the planet.  High water use, chemical pollution, transport pollution and landfill all add to the impact on our environment.  It is estimated that 350,000 tons of clothing, over 1 billion items of clothing goes into landfill in the UK every year. Let's make a conscious effect to change this and reuse our old or unwanted clothes!


Grab all your old or unwanted activewear and bring it to the festival! We will be hosting a "Activewear Swap Tent", where you can donate all your old or unwanted activewear. You can choose to donate it straight to Re-Fashion or put it out for someone else to enjoy! All items left at the end of the festival will be collected by Re-Fashion and sold on their website to raise money for the Rieve Foundation.


Did you know?

The U.K throws away 350,000 tonnes of good quality clothes each year. In monetary terms that’s £140 million worth of used, but wearable, clothing going to waste. Re-Fashion helps to keep these clothes in the loop, which is why we are so excited to be working with them! 

Re-Fashion is not like other fashion brands.


Re-Fashion's Mission

Re-Fashion believes the future of fashion is circular and wants to eliminate clothes waste. For good! They are driven by purpose to reduce Fashion's impact on the environment. They resell unwanted clothes to raise money for sustainable causes. It's not a marketing campaign or green-washing tactic. It's what they do and it's why they're different! 

How Much Goes to Charity?

Re-Fashion believe good causes should earn more from donated clothes. That's why items sold on can earn a charity up to three times more than they would from a charity shop. Full donation values available at

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Your donation supports the Rieves Foundation

As well as giving your unwanted items a new life your donation will support the Rieves Foundation a charity focussed on helping protect the environment through activities which promote sustainable fashion.

Want to know more about the Rieves Foundation?



What is Re-Fashion?

Re-Fashion is an online fashion store that raises money for sustainable fashion causes by selling, quality used clothes. All donated by women like you.


Why should I donate to Re-Fashion?

The single best thing we can do for the planet is to cut down on our consumption of clothes and reuse them. Re-Fashion makes it easy for your unwanted clothes to find new homes and at the same time funding sustainable initiatives. For the purpose of our festival we will be asking for any unwanted or old Activewear!


How much of my donation supports good causes?

Depending on the original value between 20% - 60% of the sale price goes to the cause. Generally better quality items raise more money. 


What types of clothes do you accept?

We love high street fashion and designer brands - just as long as they're in great condition.

What clothing brands and categories are accepted?

We love high street fashion and designer brands. Unfortunately we struggle to sell fast fashion labels like Primark and so won’t list them.

Accepted Categories

Please review the list below to see which categories Re-Fashion is currently accepting. All items must meet our quality standards to be resold on Re-Fashion. 

  • Women’s Clothing
    Dresses, trousers, tops, bodysuits, sweaters, skirts, shorts, jeans, coats, jackets, sportswear and activewear.


Accepted Sizes

All sizes are accepted.


Unaccepted Categories

Please review the list below of the categories Re-Fashion does not accept. If you ever have any questions about what we do or do not accept, please ask! 

  • Shoes, bags and accessories

  • Non-clothing items: toys, books, sports gear, etc

  • Sleepwear, Underwear, Nightwear

  • Men’s and Kid's clothing

  • Illegal or counterfeit items

  • Altered items

  • Items without sizes


The Re-Fashion team reviews all items before placing them on sale.  We want to ensure that everyone who makes a purchase get the best quality items.  

What To Bring On The Day

For our festival, please only bring activewear. We will have Re-Fashion free posted bags available to take home so you can donate more in your own time!

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