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Festival Market

Meet the lovely local and independent companies that will be joining us at the festival! If you would like to join us and introduce your company to our festival goers - apply here!


Founded in 1961, WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation working in more than 100 countries to create solutions to the most important environmental challenges facing the planet so that people and nature can thrive. Their work centres around restoring wildlife, sustaining forests and oceans and reducing carbon emissions.


Website:   Instagram: @wwf_uk

Dolly's Design

Dolly's Design is a Hertfordshire-based company offering complimentary therapist, shamanic practitioner, jewellery designer and artist. Their services include healing (energy, animal, crystal and shamanic) as well as meditation, intuitive tarot and workshops. Explore their stall for a wide range of  ethically sourced crystals, himalayan salt products, esoteric gifts, handmade jewellery and bespoke artwork! 


Website:   Instagram:

Happy Little Yogi
Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 09.31.10.png

Happy Little Yogi provides children with a toolkit of holistic treats, from magical meditations, fun yoga poses, yoga games, stories, memory games, sensory and sound techniques, all of which are engaging to a young mind. The techniques meets their physical and emotional needs, creating a healthy, happy head space for children to feel at peace in their mind and body.

Website:   Instagram: @happylittleyogiuk


Suzanne Johnson Integrative Therapy

Integrative Therapy in and around Hitchin and online.

I’m Suzanne. I am here to help you find comfort in your own skin. I am here to help you celebrate the unique and amazing person you are.

I am here to support you as you navigate through challenging times. I am here to hold space while you discover your path, and then start to walk it.

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 2.31.26 pm.png


Shop all the different brands we stock at WEDOYOGA. Choose from leggings, shorts, tops and so much more!

Juice Bar-05_edited.jpg

Fresh Jucies

Enjoy WEDOYOGA's signature cold press juices. Available for sale throughout the whole day!







Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 11.31.29 am.png

 The purpose of Yogi Tea is to serve; we do this by serving the consumer a genuine and quality product and by serving and caring for the interests of all stakeholders including our employees, our customers, our trading partners, the communities in which the company does business, our partnerships with the growers who provide the herbs and spices, and our owners.

Cotey's Restaurant

A family runned local restaurant, locally sourced food crafted with love! Cotey's is our main food sponsor they will be selling food ( vegan + veggie options available), drinks and snacks throughout the whole day!



Instagram: @coteys_restaurant

Donna Crawley

Donna began her journey with Reiki back in 2019 when she experienced the energy healing for herself and fell in love. She has now set out to help others in the same way Reiki has helped her.


Donna uses Reiki energy healing to help people feel more balanced, relaxed and aligned within themselves.  Donna believes everybody needs some relaxation and help for their mental, physical and emotion wellbeing sometimes, and she loves to be able to provide that to people using Reiki.



Instagram: @dctherapies

The Sundae Service

The Sundae Service makes small batch, handmade, artisan ice cream, with a strong focus on seasonal, sustainable and local produce. Fresh scoops and sundaes served from our beautiful cargo bike, Lucia. And always a bespoke menu!

Instagram: @thesundaeserviceuk

Two Three Active

Two Three Active is a London based activewear brand designed for the everyday woman who wants to feel comfortable & confident whilst achieving their health goals. The company was launched in 2018 by sisters Stefanie & Naomie as they shared a passion for wellbeing and living a healthier lifestyle. Two Three Active aims to be the go-to brand when it comes to comfort in fitness. Their clothes are not only stylish but flexible, supportive and most importantly affordable. The collections feature various impact sports bras, shorts, running jackets, workout accessories and squat proof leggings with pockets.



Instagram: @shoptwo_three/

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