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Festival Market

Meet the lovely local and independent companies that will be joining us at the festival! If you would like to join us and introduce your company to our festival goers - apply here!

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Founded by a qualified pharmacist with 15 years of experience in the industry, trained skincare and haircare formulator and lover of the natural and simple life. 


Website:  Instagram: @bunchskinandhaircare

Bunch Skin and Haircare

Bunch Skincare combines the science and art of skin and hair care formulation with a sprinkle of fun and care for the natural world. Bunch Skincare products are professionally formulated, beautifully packaged and natural. 

Bunch Skin and Haircare
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They contain all you need and nothing you don’t to look after your skin and hair in a natural, sustainable, easy to understand and simple way, as in the words of Leonardo da Vinci ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’


The Salt Shack

Vegan, Natural & Clean

Bath Salts.


Life & Sol

Health and wellbeing products:
Magnetix/Vitalix Wellness &
🌴Tropic Freshly Made Vegan Beauty

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Loracle Gems

Personalised zen gardens, made with magic and love.

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Shop all the different brands we stock at WEDOYOGA. Choose from leggings, shorts, tops and so much more!


Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic Yoga & Traditional Thai Massage with Su Chanprasong 

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Fresh Jucies

Enjoy WEDOYOGA's signature cold press juices. Available for sale throughout the whole day! 

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 The purpose of Yogi Tea is to serve; we do this by serving the consumer a genuine and quality product and by serving and caring for the interests of all stakeholders including our employees, our customers, our trading partners, the communities in which the company does business, our partnerships with the growers who provide the herbs and spices, and our owners.

Cotey's Restaurant

A family runned local restaurant, locally sourced food crafted with love! Cotey's is our main food sponsor they will be selling food ( vegan + veggie options available), drinks and snacks throughout the whole day!



Instagram: @coteys_restaurant

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DNA's Range of world first men's hormonal health liquid testosterone boosting supplement. Understanding that men’s hormonal needs in their 20’s differs to those in their 60’s, DNA is the only brand worldwide to view men's hormonal health needs across the whole lifespan.


Instagram: @dnamanimals


Expert Teacher Training leading to recognised 200-hour Diploma
Unique opportunity to partake in a Teacher Training course run by Will Lavin, vastly experienced and renowned Senior Yoga Teacher



Instagram: @yoga_tts_uk


Will Lavin has been teaching yoga to full classes in London for over 15 years.

He initially studied with British Wheel of Yoga then with Brian Cooper in Edinburgh. To further his yogic practise and teaching ability, he has spent time in Mysore with Sri K. Patthabi Jois and Sharath Jois, and on numerous trips to India with other Gurus.

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Bizzy Making Macrame

Handcrafted Macrame products including: plant hangers, wall hangings, key rings, bookmarks & more.


Natural Healing Haven

An Ayurvedic wellness company offering Ayurvedic massage treatments, personalised lifestyle

& nutrition consultations and Ayurvedic natural supplements; based in a rural retreat setting

between Letchworth, Buntingford & Royston.


Billie Wonka's Bakes

Scrumptious treats - indulge yourself in 100% vegan cookies, brownies and fudge to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Hawkins Holistic

Small holistic business offering a range of healing tools and home decor items including Crystals, Jewellery, Dreamcatchers, Incense, Clothing and more.


The Divine Shrine

Aromatherapy blended bath salts, Body and atmosphere mists, Candles, Sage bundles, Crystals. Everything you need to make your own divine shrine.



HotTea Mama make award winning tea for women's wellness - supporting your body through PMS, pregnancy, motherhood, menopause and everything in between.  Each blend is carefully crafted to meet your bodies needs and taste delicious.


FIX is a brand new company offering powdered plant based functional powders to have as a warm drink. FIX is based on the principles of Ayurveda, a 5000 year old health system which focuses on the ingestion of natural herbs, spices and other remedies to achieve optimum health. We have 3 blends for three different body types (Doshas) each blend helps to balance that Dosha’s problems both mentally and physically. 



Instagram: @insidefix


Suzanne Johnson Integrative Therapy


Integrative Therapy in and around Hitchin and online.

I’m Suzanne. I am here to help you find comfort in your own skin. I am here to help you celebrate the unique and amazing person you are.

I am here to support you as you navigate through challenging times. I am here to hold space while you discover your path, and then start to walk it.

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Boxmoor Yoga - Stories and Illustrations

Maria Oliver of Boxmoor Yoga teaches yoga to adults, children, pregnant women and new mums in and around Hemel Hempstead. Her book Red Kites, Apples and Blood Cells: Imaginative Relaxations for Live Kids was written during lockdown in April 2020 and published the following October 2020.


Vegi Bites


Specialising in Indian-inspired vegetarian and Vegan food and snacks. We will be serving our authentic homemade Samosas, Onion bhajis and our delicious Bhaji wraps!

Untitled design.png

Join us at The Secret Sanctum and discover complete food freedom and happiness. We are here to show you that a healthier lifestyle is not a sacrifice at all and it's instead full of tasty food, gourmet recipes, dinner with foodies friends, comfort food and more! Indulge with truly delicious, high quality, soul-satisfying clean food that we select for you from all over the world.


Visit us today for your exclusive 10% off Wedoyoga discount code!

Swap Tent - ReFashion
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Grab all your old or unwanted activewear and bring it to the festival! We will be hosting an "Activewear Swap Tent", where you can donate all your old or unwanted activewear. You can choose to donate it straight to Re-Fashion or put it out for someone else to enjoy! All items left at the end of the festival will be collected by Re-Fashion and sold on their website to raise money for the Rieve Foundation.


A unique yoga brand celebrating SWEAT | BALANCE | WHY.

Sweat: Flow through your vinyasa with the capsule collection of yoga tops designed with unique built-in towelling to wipe away sweat. Made with recycled mesh to keep you cool and premium cotton jersey.

Balance: Celebrate your yoga journey, where you’ll find the yin to your yang, mind to your body and cheesecake to your salad!

Why: Find and connect to your WHY through yoga on and off the mat, giving you your own personal mantra.

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